Michael Jackson and Muhammed Ali


Queen ~

happy new year Reblog your bias. || Part2

I’m proud of myself because I have the guts to tell the truth. And you’re a pussy anonymous. (;

I’ll say something about 100 most beautifull faces of 2013 (TC candler). People who think that this list is true are really dumb. First one if is it true, Where are Adriana Lima and Doutzen kroes? Do you think nana has better face than them? Nana isn’t natural beauty, she has plastic surgery on her nose, chin and eyelids. Many people can have a beautifull face with so much plastic surgery. Sorry e-young beautifull face? Go ah ra has better face than her! This list isn’t true maybe you think they’re pretty but nebody can say that this’s true. And who is TC candler? 😂 people are really hopeless.

what's your theme song?

It’s Yisabel - My Eden from Gu Family Book (Korean Drama) ^-^

Sleeping Beauty ^-^

Hii, thank you! You’re really nice c: ehm fine with you? :3